Burien, WA (Oct. 30)

Seattle International Auto Show will be at the Seahawks Expo Center from November 5-9. This is your opportunity to see the new, the old and the concepts from all major manufacturers. Jerrod will be representing Korum Ford of Puyallup, WA and Hallelujah Acres of Shelby, North Carolina. Jerrod will be signing autographs and the team will be distributing special discount and free gift coupons from Korum Ford. The team will also be exhibiting live pit stop demonstrations.

"The love of the automobile is an undefined force within our nation. It is an privilege for our team to participate in the Seattle International Auto Show by bringing one of our Korum Ford Taurus NASCAR racecar to the show. This will be a fun time for the team and all involved. See you at the show!"

You will be able to see Jerrod 6-8 pm Wednesday thru Friday for autographs and photos. On Saturday the Sessler Motorsports Pit Crew will be exhibiting a "Live" pit stop demonstration at noon and 7 pm and again on Sunday at noon and at 2 pm.

Jerrod Sessler Motorsports would like to thank their sponsors Korum Ford, Hallelujah Acres and HomeTask.com for their participation in this event. For more information, visit, www.korum.net, www.hacres.com, www.hometask.com, www.jerrodsessler.com.

Sessler Cup
Sessler Motorsports and Microsoft's Zone.com teamed up in December for the first "Sessler Cup". Qualifying races ran from December 6th thru the 16th with the "Sessler Cup" being run on the 20th. The top four participants had the opportunity to race Jerrod on-line in "Midtown Madness 2" for the Championship. On December 10th we had over 40 participants involved in a one- hour chat with Jerrod. Participants were given the chance to ask questions about racing and about Jerrod's life.

There were over 700 people signed up for this event. The Microsoft staff informed us that there were two promotions running simultaneously, the Sessler Cup and another promotion featuring Garth Brooks. Jerrod beat out Garth Brooks more than 2 to 1!! One day in December saw as many as 9,000 people checking out Hope4Youth and Sessler Motorsports. Thank you Microsoft for partnering with us in this successful event.

Hope4Youth Symposium
On February 8, we had our first Hope4Youth Symposium. We had a panel of 5 students that were interviewed by the attendees. The vision for the event was to answer these questions:
a) What does the "average" youth need, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. in today's world?
b) How do we, individually and organizationally, meet these needs?
Many of the attendees left with a whole new view of the life that our youth today live and how desperate they are for hope and love. If you would like a 'results information packet' developed from the findings of this event, please contact our office via phone or e-mail.

Take a Ride with Jerrod
As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we have added a 2-seater to our fleet. The Pit Crew is especially excited about this as they get to go for rides with Jerrod whenever they have a practice session. If you feel "the need for speed" please contact our office and we will let you know when our next "ride-a-long" will be. Cost is $55 per person ($10.00 discount for current Fan Club Members).

30-hour Famine
We were privileged to be a part of an event being sponsored by the Tacoma Sabercats and World Vision called "The 30-hour Famine". Students around the globe are challenged to fast for 30 hours while they gain pledges to support each of the hours they fast. This is one of the largest events World Visions hosts each year. The purpose is to raise awareness and funds to support World Vision efforts to the less fortunate in our community and around the world. Jerrod spoke at the Northwest branch of this event that was held in the Tacoma Dome after a Sabercats Hockey game. Jerrod gave an inspirational talk on how everything that we do touches and affects the people around us -even if we don't always know it. We all make a difference!!

Go Karts and Fund Raising
Soon after founding the Hope4Youth Foundation, we realized that fund development was a difficult task for non-profit organizations! Even for profit organizations have 'profit' at the top of their priority lists with the focus of their top staff. Non-profits cannot turn their focus solely towards fund development but we do need a plan for managing fund development. So, we organized our ideas and developed the Kart-A-Thon program.

Sessler Motorsports and the Hope4Youth Foundation teams are excited about this opportunity to serve other non-profit organizations. The amount of money raised is limited only by the aggressiveness of your teams in acquiring per-lap pledges.

We own all the equipment needed to erect a portable go-kart track in just about any smooth surface, indoors or outside. Far from boring, the track comes with signage, flags, cones, tents, tables, chairs, banners and much more! It requires about 10,000 sq. ft. min. (100 ft. x 100 ft.) of paved space without any obstructions for a safe track.

The actual "Kart-A-Thon" consists of 8 teams of 6-drivers plus 1-lap counter and 1-pit helper (optional for adults). When the drivers collect donations they are asking people to sponsor their "team laps." With each team driving a total of about 200 laps, each driver will be responsible for completing approximately 33 laps. With about 4-6 months of planning, we can help your organization with a 40k-60k fundraiser!

If you are interested in having a Kart-A-thon for your church, school or other organization please contact our office for an information packet.

Drivers Needed
A few months ago Hope4Youth/Sessler Motorsports went national with the Kart-A-thon Program. Our goal is to help as many non-profits as we can in the very difficult task of fundraising. We now have several events scheduled around the country and are looking for a retired couple or anyone else that would be available and willing to drive our truck and trailer to these events. Staff from our team would meet you at the event so your responsibility would be limited to simply getting the equipment to the event and back home afterward. Expenses would be paid for these trips. If you are interested or know anyone that might be interested in helping us with this ministry please contact us.

Christian Motorsports Illustrated
Christian Motorsports Illustrated (CMI) is a national publication. We have sent you a copy because our team has been featured on page 28! The primary tool of CMI's ministry is this publication. For as little as $1 per copy you can sponsor this faith-based publication and receive copies to pass around to friends, family members or at upcoming events. CMI also distributes these magazines to various prison ministries.

Fan Club Update
There is no better time to sign up for the "Jerrod Sessler Fan Club" then right now!! We have many new and exciting items that we will be adding to our store in the next couple months and Fan Club Members will hear about it first. Fan Club Members get discounts on everything from products to a ride in the 2-seat racecar not to mention some free product when you sign up AND a birthday card from Jerrod and the team. SIGN UP TODAY!!!

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