Jerrod Sessler is a man with many passions. He is passionate about his relationship with Christ, his beautiful wife Nikki, his three children, and fast cars. He’s living one of his dreams today, driving a late model stock car on the professional ASA and NASCAR northwest region circuits. It’s hard to believe that five years ago, he was facing a very different, grim reality.

In 1998, Seattle, WA-based Jerrod and Nikki Sessler began a journey based on trusting the Lord’s will for them. They both quit lucrative corporate jobs to start Hope4Youth, a nonprofit dedicated to sharing the gospel and encouraging young people. Jerrod also began NASCAR racing, a sport he’d love since age four. Life was good. Sometime during that year, Jerrod noticed a mole on his back; it was itchy at times and irregularly shaped. He consulted a doctor who told him not to worry about it.

In late 1999, Jerrod’s mom, a nurse, grew tired of watching her son back up to walls and scratch the mole. She scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist—one look and the mole was removed. Tissue samples sent for analysis revealed cancer, and Jerrod quickly found himself at a cancer care clinic at the University of Washington.

“At the clinic, they did a sentinel node biopsy, a test they do to see if the cancer has spread to other lymph nodes,” explained Jerrod. “It had spread and at age 29, I was diagnosed with stage four metastasized melanoma. The doctors there gave me a 5% chance of living past my 30s with no treatment, and a 20% chance of doing so with medical treatment—neither of those options held a lot of promise.”

Discussions with oncologists centered on treatment options including taking the drug Interferon, well known for its toxic side effects. Other options included participating in a blind two-year cancer study, not knowing if he was receiving a sugar pill or new experimental medication. A third option was whole body chemotherapy, to achieve what one doctor called “a clean sweep of your system.” Doctors also advised Jerrod and Nikki that they would probably never have children, and that Jerrod’s racing career would be short lived.

Jerrod and Nikki didn’t like the diagnosis or the prognosis, and they decided to do something different. They remembered hearing about the Hallelujah Diet from their aunt and uncle a few years earlier. On Christmas Day 1999, they sat down with family and friends and watched the Hallelujah Acres video “How To Eliminate Sickness.” They sampled some BarleyMax. They prayed. And they made a critical decision—to live the Hallelujah lifestyle.

The couple authored a book about their story. Five Percent Chance can be purchased at major book stores near you or on-line. GET YOUR COPY

The Sessler's also decided to continue medical treatment by monitoring Jerrod’s cancer. They kept appointments with a dermatologist, oncologist and received a CAT scan at regular intervals for two years. Within a year of implementing the Hallelujah Diet, doctors were asking Jerrod what he was doing, telling him it was amazing, and that things looked great. After two years, Jerrod decided to discontinue the cat scans due to their possible toxic side effects. He no longer sees any doctors, and is cancer free today.

“From when we started, it took us about three months to convert our kitchen and our pantry! I started drinking 32 ounces of carrot juice each day, and taking three tablespoons of BarleyMax each day,” explained Jerrod. “We immediately stopped eating meat and ate a lot of salads. In the first three months I lost 40 pounds, and in the five years we’ve been doing this I’m down over 50 pounds. I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life.”

The blessings of living the Hallelujah lifestyle continue today in the Sesslers’ lives. They now have two incredible Hallelujah kids and are expecting a third. Gabe & Farrell, who love fruit, and want nothing to do with candy, chips or other junk most kids their age crave. Neither child has ever been sick or required any drugs.

Nikki and Jerrod became Hallelujah Acres’ Health Ministers in 2002 and are teaching a Get Healthy, Stay Balanced course once a week. They have also launched a Hope4Health Foundation ( to support their Hallelujah Acres ministry. Jerrod continues racing and uses those activities as a platform to help him spread the word about God and the Hallelujah Acres lifestyle.

“You know, the best thing I’ve noticed about living this lifestyle is how much clearer I am, I just have a lot more mental clarity,” mused Jerrod. “All my relationships are better, with God, my wife, and my family. Communication is better, I make better decisions, and that impacts everything I do.”

Jerrod is also grateful for the growing relationship he has with many people at Hallelujah Acres. “I felt truly blessed to talk with George and Rhonda Malkmus, and I believe George defines the word consistency with his message about how to get healthy. These people trust in God to make it all happen, and they will do whatever it takes to help people get and stay healthy.”

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